Orders and Deposit

A minimum of 50% deposit is required upon receipt of all orders and Final payment prior of shipment. Orders will only commence once funds have cleared into the Kayukayu Bank Account



Payment can be made by Telegraphic Transfer to Kayukayu Bank Account.


Minimum Orders

No Minimum Order Require


Production times

Production times vary according to the volume of goods and variety of suppliers.  Rule of thumb, allow 4- 6 weeks production for most items (some less) and two weeks to allow for collection, rejects, replacements, packing and loading.  For details on your specific production times for your products, please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Quality Control

Kayukayu role is to inspect and report on the quality of goods to ensure that they comply with the pre-determined standards.  In cases where goods fall below the required standards, Kayukayu will report to the client to request further action to be taken. In cases where an urgent decision is required, Kayukayu will take into consideration all known facts and make a decision whether to accept or reject the products and advise the client accordingly.  As best as possible, we act as your eyes and ears, helping to make sound decisions on your investments.  In all cases, we will endeavor to give detailed information on any products deemed to be suspect, before accepting or rejecting the products.


Our Role

Kayukayu role is to source new product, source suppliers, liaise with manufacturers and suppliers, place orders, schedule payments, monitor production, communicate with clients and suppliers as required, report on progress during production, collect and inspect goods, label, pack and prepare for shipping.

We personally inspect all products prior to final payment and packing. Whilst every effort is made to find all flaws, Kayukayu cannot be held responsible for manufacturing flaws, errors in colouration, size variations or production errors.


Printing, labeling, branding

Kayukayu can assist with all of your branding, packaging and labeling of your goods.  (Hangtags, stickers, business cards, brass plaques, codes, shopping bags, and promotional materials.)