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Rattan garden furniture makes a fabulous addition to your garden or patio, and there is a huge array of styles to choose from, ranging from vintage 50s-style pieces, to rustic-style and ultra-contemporary pieces. Regardless of the type and style of rattan garden furniture you have, it needs regular cleaning, care, and maintenance. If you care for your rattan garden furniture correctly, it rewards you with many years of use.


Practise General Cleaning

It is important to clean wicker furniture on a regular basis to extend its lifespan. If you fail to clean your outdoor rattan furniture, dust and debris build up in crevices and between the weaves. These foreign bodies not only look unsightly, but also lead to insect infestation, mildew, bacteria, and a greatly reduced lifespan. Perform very basic cleaning on a weekly basis using a stiff scrubbing brush. This loosens any dust, dirt, or debris. To make sure you get it all, vacuum the furniture thoroughly after brushing. Perform moderate cleaning at least once a month. Use soapy water, a toothbrush, and a soft cloth. Using only the suds, wipe over the entire surface with the cloth. Take a toothbrush and suds only, and clean the cracks, crevices, and in between the weaves.


Protect Rattan Garden Furniture Legs

The base of the legs of rattan garden furniture receives a considerable amount of abuse as users scrape their chairs back and forth, particularly on a patio or decked area. This can cause the rattan to split at the base of the legs. These splits invariably travel up the legs, weakening the structure of the furniture. To combat this, install rubber feet on each leg. These rubber feet prevent the rattan from scraping and absorb shock from dragging the furniture across hard surfaces.


Restore the Furniture

When faced with cracked, dry, rattan garden furniture, you need to perform a simple restoration process. Give the pieces a thorough cleaning and allow them to dry completely. Use a paintbrush to apply a coat of boiled linseed oil. You must use rxcentre24 linseed oil, as regular linseed oil does not dry and harden. The rattan absorbs the oil, and the natural rattan fibres swell. Continue to apply the oil until the rattan no longer absorbs it. Wipe over the pieces with a soft cloth and let them dry completely before use.


Store Rattan When Not in Use

Rattan garden furniture covers make an excellent choice, helping you significantly extend the life of your rattan furniture. Continuous exposure to strong sunlight, rain, moisture, or fluctuating temperatures has a detrimental effect on rattan. Store it under rain and UV-proof furniture covers, bring it indoors, or store it in a warm, dry shed or garage when not in use. For more garden products, visit